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2018 Softball Rule Changes
2017-2018 Important Dates LSCA-LHSAA Meetings & Deadlines (Updated 1.8.18)
2018 LHSAA Softball Rules and Important Dates
National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) - Softball

NFHS Brochure for Numbering Calendar Weeks

2018 Softball Online Rules Clinic
2018 Softball Information Bulletin (Updated 2.1.18)
2016-17 LHSAA Letter on Process for Entering Softball Schedules and Scores (Dated 7-27-16)
2017-18 Hall of Fame Game Application Form (Updated 8.7.17)
 2018 Hall of Fame Approved Games (Updated 1.9.18)
2018 Jamboree Sanction Form (Updated 1.8.18)
2018 Approved Jamborees (Updated 1.11.18)
2018 LHSAA Tournament Approval Form (Updated 10.6.17)
2018 Tournaments Approved - Click Here for Link to LHSAA  (Then Click on Tournament Host and then on Arrow at right to select a tournament) 

Attached below is just a listing of the tournaments on the LHSAA Website:

2018 Tournaments (Updated 2.25.18)

2018 Available Open Dates (Not Available)
2018 Softball All-Star Nomination & Selection Process & Game Details
2018 ALL State Nomination and Selection Process

LHSAA Things You May Want To Know About -

Executive Committee and Staff

Softball Officials Associations 2017-18

Sports Season Defined (Updated 8.24.17)

2017-2018 Softball District Final Standing Form (Updated 9.7.17)

Athletic Contest Rules

2018 Return to Competition Form (Updated 8.23.17)

Medical History Evaluation

All Sports Contract Form

Game Officials Agreement

Softball Officials Evaluation Form

Eligibility (Updated 8.23.17)

Athletics and Instructional Time

Softball Playoff Financial Report Form

Official Baden Balls to use in 2017-2018